Isn’t your skin listening? Try Meladerm

How bored are you seeing all those advertisements on television of skin brightening and acne removal creams which claim to miraculously remove dark spots and acne in a jiffy? But what if there really is such a cream that can give you good results? If yes, then Meladerm has to be one of those. Meladerm is a simpler solution which helps you to avoid unnecessary procedures like laser treatment or microdermabrasion and in turn saving your wallet as well as your time by not prompting you to apply various skincare products by sitting in front of a mirror.


Meladerm is a skin energising cream which is helpful in treating hyper-pigmentation, acne, melasma, birthmarks and scars. What sets Meladerm apart from all the other skin lighteners is that Meladerm uses various botanical ingredients like mulberry, lemon and bearberry extracts and exfoliating agents like lactic and glycolic acid which remove dead cells on the top layer of the skin and provides a pathway for bleaching agents to act on the dark spots or the required area. Meladerm inhibits the tyrosinase activity which cuts the transfer of melanosomes to the keratinocytes of the area under action, thus making the dark spots less visible. Meladerm contains a good combination of vitamins C, E and A along with kojic acid and licorice extract which prevent free radicals from damaging the skin. Also unlike other skin creams, hydroquinone, steroids, mercury and other skin irritating chemicals are not a part of it’s ingredients.


Apply the cream once in the morning and once at night, everyday for 4 months. Make sure you leave a gap of 10 minutes before applying a coat of moisturiser or sunscreen. Let your sunscreen have an SPF of 30 or more. Store the product in a refrigerator immediately after use. This prevents decomposition of the botanical agents and enhance the effectiveness of the cream.


Paying around $50 for a tube of Civant Meladerm is obviously way better than harmful surgeries and laser therapy which may even cause darkening of the already existing spot and many more side effects. It may be slightly expensive compared to other useless skin care creams but it the price is compensated with results.


Have patience. Meladerm is tested to work on dry, sweaty, dark, porous and all other types of skin. The time taken to show results vary from each type of skin. Four months is the average time to show good results. It may take some more or even lesser time depending upon the skin you have and even the type of lifestyle you follow. If you have a bad or sedentary lifestyle with a bad diet, the cream may take more time to show results. Give some time to see the change. Chinese bamboo for instance, doesn’t show any sign of growth even after watering consistently for 5 years. But after 5 years, you can see the plant literally grow in front of your eyes. For all these 5 years, the plant was gradually spreading it’s roots to make a strong foundation. Similarly if you think Meladerm isn’t working and you’re about to give up on it, give it some more time. Meladerm removes hyper-pigmentation, scars and acne from the roots and not just the top layer of the skin. If you think it is slow, don’t give up on it. You will definitely smile looking at yourself in a mirror after you see the amazing results.


Along with the use of Meladerm, it is important to keep the skin hydrated at all times. Drink lots of water. Add green and leafy vegetables to your diet that contain antioxidants which help rejuvenating the skin. Avoid too many oily products. Exercising daily removes toxins out of the skin in the form of sweat. Never expose skin to harsh weather. All these things help in quick reduction of dark spots and acne from your skin.

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As advertised, no product shows miraculous results in a week. Some products may even spoil the look of your existing skin. Meladerm is one product that isn’t advertised as such and it is widely recommended by skin specialists across the globe. Civant skin care even offers a 30 day money back guarantee for those who don’t see noticeable results. According to ‘SkincareCorp’, meladerm is the only cream which checked all boxes while they tested a few similar creams and no doubt that it is rated high amongst it’s readers. It is the best skin lightening cream available in the market and if you want an even tone on your skin, go straight away to Meladerm.

Katie Watts

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