Easy Remedies: The Best Treatment for Black Spots on Your Face

As you age, you tend to acquire dark spots on your face due to a couple of different reasons.

The Causes

Dark spots, which are also called hyperpigmentation, skin discoloration, or skin blemishes, may be caused by various different things. Some of these are hormonal imbalance, sensitivity to sun heat, lasting acne scars, stress, improper skin care and even genetics. Whatever the reason may be, they can be truly bothersome and get in the way of your confidence.

aloe vera for discolorations on face

Your Choices to Treat Dark Spots on Your Face

There are numerous lightening and brightening creams and serums to treat these dark spots which are available on the market.

However, if you prefer to remedy them in the more natural way, you can always try to find how to get rid for dark spots on your face through easy at-home treatments and solutions.

Skin Discoloration: What Makes up the Best Treatment for Dark Spots on Your Face?

Lemon Juice for Discolorations of the Skin on Your Face

Because of the acidic nature of lemon juice, this acidity comprises the best treatment for dark spot on face because is an organic bleaching agent which helps lighten dark sections of the skin.

To apply, use a cotton ball that is moistened with lemon juice and particularly target to dampen the dark areas on your skin. You can apply lemon juice twice a day so as not to overdo the treatment.

It is best advised though to test first how the skin on your face will react to the lemon juice by applying a small amount on an area along your jawline. It will be good to know first how your skin will receive the natural treatment. Yet generally, lemon juice for discolorations of the skin is friendly on almost any skin type.

Note that we are talking about fresh lemon juice and not the bottled ones with many preservatives in them.

It is an easy, fast and affordable remedy, right?

Aloe Vera for Discolorations on Face

aloe vera for discolorations on faceThe naturally extracted aloe vera for discolorations on your face is still better compared with over the counter drugstore aloe vera gels in tubes that are packed with preservatives.

This will be just as easy as the application of lemon juice for discolorations on face.

Take some fresh aloe vera leaves and the cut across them in small sections. Thereafter, use a spoon to scoop or scrape off the fresh aloe vera gel straight from the plant’s leaves.

You may store your freshly extracted aloe vera gel in an airtight container and refrigerate to preserve it. The solution can last for up to three weeks in the refrigerator.

To apply, use a cotton ball or a cotton-tipped swab to take some of the extract and place it over the affected areas of the skin on your face. It will be best to leave the aloe vera extracts on the targeted areas overnight and rinse them off the following day with regular lukewarm water and perhaps, a medicated soap.

Choose the best treatment for dark spots on your face and choose easy home remedies and treatments. You will gradually see the difference and witness the transformation of your skin tone into even and beautiful skin.

Katie Watts

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