Skin Mole Removal Treatment Options for You to Choose From

Moles are clusters of pigmented skin cells that appear as dark spots on the skin. They vary in size, shape and color. Some of them are flat while others are protruding from the skin. The latter are the ones which lead people to worry about the possibility of melanoma and other serious skin cancers.

Moles can appear on different areas of the skin on any part of the body.

Although most of them are benign, some can be harmful and even cancerous.

There are a couple of available options for skin mole removal treatments particularly targeting those which are jutting out of the skin.

skin mole removal procedure

What Are the Skin Mole Removal Treatments Available to Choose From?

The Surgical Methods for Removing Moles

There are three surgical methods of removal.

The conditions of your mole will determine which removal procedure should be appropriate for you. Your dermatologist will help you identify and to determine whether you need to have a mole removed. They will first test it to see whether or not it is benign.

Laser Skin Mole Removal Procedure

Laser removal procedure will work best on flat, regularly shaped, regularly colored and relatively small moles. In this procedure, a laser light will be used to rid your body of the tissues comprising the mole. It will be performed by your doctor under a local anesthetic.

Shave Skin Mole Removal Procedure

In this treatment, your dermatologist will shave the slightly protruding mole off your skin with a surgical scalpel. Just like the laser removal procedure, shaving will be done using a local anesthetic.

This mole removal treatment may leave a little scar on your skin which can be treated with a cream prescribed by your doctor. So the scar will also start to fade over time.

Excision Skin Mole Removal Procedure

The last of the three surgical methods of skin mole removal, excision involves cutting around a relatively larger mole to take out the entire thickness of the skin on which it is located. Although this will require more work by your dermatologist and may leave a more apparent scar, the treatment leaves less chances for the mole to regrow or to return. With the former two surgical procedures your chances of regrowth are much higher.

Natural Mole Removal Treatments

surgical methods of skin mole removalThere are quite a number of at-home remedies for bothersome moles that you wish to get rid of. There are a variety of creams and gels that are available to be bought over the counter in drugstores.

The application process of these creams or pastes includes thoroughly washing the affected area with hydrogen peroxide before putting a little amount of the paste on the targeted mole and covering it with a bandage.

This process is repeated for three consecutive days. Thereafter, you will notice that the area at the base of the mole is sore, reddened and swollen. This will go on until the mole is finally pale in color and ultimately comes off or is ready to be safely peeled off.Check out the best treatment over here:

For the most part, there may be some scarring left on the skin where the mole used to be but generally there will be no forms of tissue damages.

Which may be the appropriate method for you? Consult with you dermatologist now and learn more about skin mole removal.

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