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Moles are things which need no introduction to anyone. Most moles are birthmarks which are acquired naturally during birth. However, some of them also develop as a person gets older. They are normally non-cancerous and can easily be removed at the comfort of your home.

Best mole removal cream based on its effectiveness and reviews:

#1. H-Moles Formula

#2. Wart Mole Vanish

#3. Skin Prov

h-moles formula
wart  mole vanish

Natural Ingredients












Money Back Guarantee 

90 Days

If you don't get any results, they will give your money back

60 Days

Side Effects

Nothing reported till now

Nothing reported till now

Very Few


Over 750,000 products sold since its release(Very high in demand)

Award winning 

Results may be seen in 7-10 Days

Overall User Ratings

No one likes having moles in their skin as they look dirty and ugly. There is even a belief from many people that once you have them, you can do nothing about it. Most people who suffer from it always think that others are staring at them. This sometimes leads to frustration even depression. Self-image is a very important thing and having any small feeling that you are not looking good enough is a problem in life.

There are very many ways of removing skin moles. One of the most popular ways is the use of mole removal cream. There are many creams in the market which help in the process of removing it very easily. It is, however, important that before purchasing the creams and using them, you understand in detail the condition of your mole.

Knowing the condition, it will help you in determining whether the cream method will be the most effective method to be used. Some of the three common mole removal creams are:

1. H-Moles Formula:

h-moles formula review

This is a blend of natural and organic oil which is well designed to remove moles effectively and safely. It targets the root of the mole which shrinks the growth of it without leaving any scar.

H-Mole Formula is made of natural homeopathic ingredients that painlessly target benign moles. It contains three active ingredients namely, Phytolacca decandra 12C,Thuja occidentalis 12C and Calendula officinalis 12C. These are backed up by a blend of essential oils and Sesamum Indicum seed oil. This gentle formula can be used at home for moles in underarms, face, neck, stomach, torso and any other sensitive parts. Thuja Occidentalis, in particular, is known to act on benign moles.


H-Mole Formula meets all the set standards by the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the US (HPUS), which makes it safe for topical use. Every purchase gets a 90-day money back guarantee as an assurance that the manufacturers believe in the quality of all H-Mole Formula they make. The greatest advantage of H-Mole Formula is the use of all natural ingredients. This makes it gentle on the skin. These do not present nasty side effects often experienced with surgical mole removal. Most customers give positive reports in 2-3 weeks and praise it for being easy to use and very effective on stubborn moles.

How to apply

It is very simple to use. Use a cotton swab or your finger for application. This should be applied three times a day. It is important to wash the area thoroughly and then drying it before applying the oil.

The application process takes a few seconds using a finger or cotton swab from the comfort of home. You can enlist help in hard to reach parts but it isn’t a long or difficult process to get done. With a few drops of the formula, every day, you will start to see positive results in a few weeks. It may take longer for some people to respond to treatment but that is bearable owing to the painless process. Mole size often determines the time it takes for full results so don’t worry if it takes longer than a few weeks for the annoying moles to vanish. More than half a million products have been sold since 2001, which is a good sign that H-Mole Formula really does a good job.


  • It's natural
  • Can be used anywhere in the body.
  • FDA listed
  • Cheap compared to other methods of mole removal.
  • Money back guarantee.
  • No scaring


  • Can be less effective if the mole is bigger.
  • Needs some patience to see the result as the duration varies from one person to another.

2. Wart Mole Vanish

wart mole vanish review

This cream has been used successfully by very many people. The product contains a blend of lemon, cashew plant, greater celandine plant, fig plant, talc. The mixture of these natural elements produces the cauterization effect which plays a part in the destruction of the moles. The cauterization causes the mole to dry up making it drop off from the skin.

    There are very many advantages that are associated with using this cream. Some of them include:

    • It being 100% natural
    • Takes only 20 minutes to apply.
    • It is an award-winning cream.

    One of the most notable cons is the Blemish that might appear after the application of the cream which can take as long as 90 days. This, however, varies from one customer to another.

    How to use it

    It is important not to open the cream until you are ready to use it. Always stir well.Here's the Step by Step guide on how to apply this cream on your mole area.

    1. Start by cleaning the mole with the antibacterial solution provided using a cotton swap. You can also use soap and water.
    2. Scratch the entire surface using the stainless needle.
    3. Now open the cream and stir with the stick for the application.
    4. Apply it to the mole until it is fully covered. Do not apply on the skin surrounding the mole.
    5. Allow for 20 minutes. There should be a stinging feeling which is normal. After 20 minutes, remove the dried cream.
    6. Wash off with water.
    7. A scab will form within 24-48 hours of application. Wait for the scab to fall off naturally.

    It is important to understand that this cream is for external use only. Wash with a lot of water if it gets to the eye.

    3. SkinProv

    skinprov review

    This cream works fast. It is all natural and works in any part of the body. The company has two formula:

    1. Regular for moderate and mild moles
    2. Advanced for more significant skin moles.

    When the formula is applied, it helps in the diminishing of the moles by its chemical composition. It has below as its active ingredients:

    1. Zincum Muriaticum 6X (Zinc Chloride)
    2. Sanguinaria Canadensis 3X (Blood Root)

    How to use the cream

    The use is very straight forward. Apply the cream on the affected are after cleaning and drying the affected area. You can use your finger or cotton swab. Leave it for 20 minutes then wash it off. It is important to keep it away from kids and not to get into contact with your eye.


    • Natural Formula
    • Affordable
    • The result can be seen as early as 8 hours after application.


    • Might leave scars on people prone to scars
    • The result depends on the condition of your mole.

    In conclusion, the use of creams for mole removal has become a very popular recently. Rather than spending a huge amount of money visiting your dermatologists, creams can offer a natural and cheaper alternative. For more skin care tips visit

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