What Affects and Comprises Mole Removal Cost?

Are you considering a mole removal procedure?

If so, then here are the things to factor in that will affect your mole removal cost.

The Location, Size and Shape of the Mole to Be Surgically Removed

The location, size and shape of the mole that you want to be surgically removed will affect the mole removal cost.

The area where the mole is will identify and determine the level of difficulty for your doctor. Like said before, so will the size and shape of the mole.

As well, it is important to know the dangers and risks of getting mole removal in certain areas of the body. You doctor also has to diagnose if the mole is benign or has potentials of being cancerous.

These factors will greatly affect the mole removal cost that you have to shoulder.

consulting a doctor before a mole removal procedure

The Consultation Before the Actual Mole Removal Procedure

Your doctor who is a highly trained expert in mole removal treatment will perform a thorough check up on your mole and will further advise if you are qualified to undergo the procedure.

The process will involve several medical examinations so as to determine the risks of mole removal for you. Thorough analysis of your complete medical history can also come into play.

These tests, evaluation, and assessment to be performed by your doctor will mean additional costs even prior to the removal procedure.

The Methods of Mole Removal

There are three methods of mole removal, namely, laser removal, shave removal and excision removal.

The methods of mole removal appropriate for you will also be identified and determined by your doctor accordingly depending on your skin type.

Here are further explanations for the three methods of mole removal.

1. Laser Removal Treatment

This can be the ideal removal treatment for you if the mole you are targeting to get rid of is smaller in size and regular in shape. It will also work best for moles that are flat and are brown or black.

This will require several visits to your dermatologist’s office. Your doctor will apply a local anesthetic prior to the procedure. A laser light energy will be used to break down the mole tissues.

For the most part, laser removal treatment will not be fitting for moles which are bigger in size, asymmetrical in shape and are jutting from the skin.

2. Shave Removal Treatment

This may be the option for you if your mole is slightly protruding from your skin. As per its name, shave mole removal treatment will require your dermatologist to shave off the mole on your skin with the use of a surgical scalpel.

Local anesthetic will be applied before shaving off the mole. It will be relatively be easy and quite straightforward or even painless on your part. One trip to your doctor’s office is all it will take for shave removal treatment.

This is one of the methods of mole removal wherein a pinkish scar may be left on your skin. It will only be a very small mark that can come off over time and can be remedied by creams to be prescribed by your dermatologist.

3. Excision Removal Treatment

This a method of mole removal will require much more work from your dermatologist. This is another major factor in mole removal cost.

It will involve meticulously cutting around the mole so as to remove the thickness of the skin. The scar left is then closed with a few stitches.

With excision, the odds of the mole regrowing or coming back than with laser removal treatment or shaving.

mole removal cost

The Methods of Mole Removal Will Largely Determine the Costs

Apart from the factors mentioned in the previous sections, these methods of removal are ultimately what will comprise the largest chunk of your mole removal cost. The level of difficulty for the doctor and the number of visits to the dermatologist’s office are also other considerations you need to factor. To know about the best treatment check out this article.

The effectiveness of the treatment will also cost you more, i.e., the less chances the mole will regrow or come back.

If you are worried about the cost of a surgical procedure, a great alternative before going under the knife, is to use mole removal creams. They provide a much safer and less painful option to removing moles easily. Think about all of these options before you proceed with getting rid of a mole which may be bothersome to you.

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