Meladerm reviews – What you need to know before buying it

Growing old is no fun at all, and until the Fountain of Youth is discovered, You will just have to live with the ravages of time on your skin and face. At first in this post I wanna share my story before talking about Meladerm reviews. So here it all started.. 

I thought I was doing pretty well until one beautiful day; I looked into the mirror.Lo and behold! Dark spots have started to creep up on me without me noticing.

I felt as though I was just fresh out of college despite my driving license telling me otherwise, and so the narcissist in me decided that something had to be done, as I do want to look presentable to my husband and girlfriends when we go out for our weekly dinner dates and afternoon tea sessions at the Ritz. If there is one thing that I loathe, it would be nasty dark spots as they are simply unacceptable in my book -- although I am all right with the expected wrinkles and crow’s feet.

After doing a fair bit of Googling, I found out that Meladerm seemed to be one of the frequently displayed search results that had proven to be effective among its users, and that piqued my curiosity. I asked myself, “Could this be the answer to my age spots issue?” After all, it would be best to nip the problem in the bud before it gets out of hand.

Meladerm reviews - Things to consider before purchasing

There are many skin lightening products in the market to help with dark spots. One of the well-known products is the Meladerm. There are a good number of Meladerm reviews which have supported the claim of it being a very good product.

Some Of The Interesting Facts

  • Most of the active ingredients are derived from the natural extracts making it have no side effects.
  • The product comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. This is very good for the skeptics.
  • Results can be seen from as early as two weeks of use.
  • Cheap compared to many methods of skin lightening.
  • The result may vary from one person to another
  • Might have a negative effect on people with sensitive skin.

Delving further into the testimonies of those who have used it to combat those pesky age spots, I also came across different reviews and reports that claimed how Meladerm also boosted their confidence after use by reducing the amount of scarring due to acne; handling other issues such as uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation, and melasma with success. “Could my experience with Meladerm be as encouraging as theirs?,” I wondered.

You might be in the same boat as I am, or would like to look fairer than you currently are after failing to heed your mother’s advice about slapping on enough sunscreen each time before you head out to the beach for a tanning session. It does not matter, after researching I am convinced that it should generally work for mild to moderate cases of hyperpigmentation & dark discolorations, melasma & chloasma, dark elbows, knees, underarms & Knuckles, age spots, liver spots & sun spots, uneven skin tone, freckles, old scars, birthmarks, tans & sun damage, and acne marks.

It is not going to be the panacea to all your skin issues overnight, as it does require time to be effective, and I think we might be looking at a long-term maintenance solution as opposed to it being a one-shot miracle wonder.

So What is Meladerm?

Meladerm is a dark spot corrector product from Civant that came about after much research and development, where the formula incorporates the industry's latest research as well as most cutting edge technologies. It took four years of rigorous tests and trials before being deemed good enough for public use since 2003 -- and improvements have been made to the formula since then in order to increase its effectiveness while keeping it ahead of the competition.

It uses active ingredients that are derived from natural extracts such as mulberry, licorice, and bearberry plants, and its ultimate aim as a skin whitening product speaks for itself. It will not leave you a few shades fairer after a few days of using it, as it involves a process of both time and patience to be effective. It is best used alongside other exfoliation agents for more useful results, although you might want to be consistent in its application of full results are seen after three months. Again, a lot of the results depend on your particular skin physiology and condition.

Does it contain any harmful ingredients?

It does not include some harmful bleaching agents like mercury, steroids or Hydroquinone. It is usually combined with exfoliation agents producing results within a period of two weeks of use with full results seen after 2-3 months. It is, however, important to practice patience when using this product.

Synthetic Ingredients 

Some of the ingredients used in concocting the Meladerm skin whitening formula include Alpha Arbutin, which is a pure and water soluble biosynthetic active ingredient. Its main purpose is to help your skin get fairer within the fastest time possible.

This is aided by sepiwhite, a special skin lightening agent that is comprised of natural amino acids that contain a lipid-residue. In-vitro studies have shown sepiwhite to inhibit the production of melanin pigments, resulting in lightened age spots and dark skin areas.

Natural Ingredients

Another ingredient that is commonly found in Asian diets would be kojic acid, where it also doubles up as a form of treatment of pigmentation problems and age spots. Other than that it has following plant extracts:

1. Bearberry Plant.

2. Licorice Plant

3. Mulberry Plant.

When I was young, I sucked on licorice sweets, but who knew that the licorice extract used is also a powerful agent in whitening one’s skin naturally through the inhibition of pigmentation? You would also look at lemonade differently from now on, knowing that the lemon abstract used is a potent, natural skin bleaching agent -- and it is included in the formula, accompanied by doses of vitamin C and antioxidants extracted from the embilica plant.

I wonder whether the use of it's would be the equivalent of rubbing in all sorts of herbs and plant extracts onto the affected areas of my face, albeit with a refreshing feeling and sense of anticipation that the formula is slowly but surely doing its work on those age spots.


  • Use of natural ingredients that are not harmful or toxic.
  • Will not require surgery or other kinds of painful and potentially harmful beautification processes
  • Relatively affordable compared to expensive plastic surgery procedures
  • Tried and tested formula with constant improvements


  • No instant results
  • Long term maintenance required
  • Might not be effective for all users
  • A bit pricy 

When and how to apply?

Using it is a no-brainer -- all that you need to do is to wash your face beforehand, getting rid of all the oil and grime. Follow that up with some skin application, and afterward, leave your face alone. Let your skin absorb the applied Meladerm before you go ahead with your makeup regimen or slap some sunscreen.

meladerm reviews

It seems that applying once in the morning and once at night before you sleep would be the optimal “dosage” to have it work effectively. You can opt to top it up with your moisturizer of choice afterward, but that boils down to your personal preference.

Does Meladerm really work?

The proof of the pudding is in the eating, and with so many skin lightening products on the market, how does it stack up? Based on research and studies and other reviews on various forums I found out that there were pretty favorable reviews concerning it's usage.

Granted, most of the users were more than pleased with the results. I noticed that many of them did follow through on it's use for a few weeks before seeing their skin glow, rolling back the years. You might even ditch your basic makeup regimen if you decide to jump aboard the bandwagon when it starts to work wonders with your skin and dark spots.

Our Verdict:

What We Liked

  • Results that can be seen after two weeks to three months of use
  • No painful procedures to go through -- just apply and forget
  • A natural driven solution to an age old problem
  • No need to wash away after application, unlike cosmetics

What We didn't like

  1. Patience is required in order to achieve the result you want
  2. It might not be effective for more serious cases that could require surgery to remedy the situation
  3. Expensive in the long run
  4. Possibility of an allergic reaction in a very small segment of users
  5. Not suitable for use in private areas

After going through the options that I have on hand to solve my budding age spots problem so that I will look like the princess whom my beloved husband married me all those years ago for as long as possible, my pain-averse self-decided that it would be the best option. After all, it has a proven track record in other users that I hope would also extend to me as I use it to get rid of my nasty age spots.

I cannot be bothered with taking the time to doll myself up or to go through laser procedures to mask or get rid of those age spots, which is why it seems to be worth a shot. It is painless and also not messy at all to use -- apply and forget makes it more than suitable for us men to use on a daily basis.

Do check out Civant’s Meladerm reviews if you would like to find out more about it. You should be able to purchase it from cosmetic counters at notable shopping malls and beauty outlets, not to mention jump aboard the online shopping bandwagon by picking it up from Amazon

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