Is Meladerm a safe to use product?

There are lots of skin conditions that can cause distress and hinder our self confidence – this is the case especially when these conditions are located on the face. Typically, people, especially women, would try to cover their imperfections with makeup but this is just a short term problem solver and in the long term it may further damage the skin. One of the products designed to address hyper-pigmentation and uneven skin problems is Meladerm. It is a rather costly product which promises great results in a two-weeks time. As there are more and more positive reviews on the internet, more people start wondering: is Meladerm really safe to use? Does it have any side effects? Is it really efficient? By analyzing who made Meladerm, its ingredients and reviews, we will be able to answer this question.

Is it safe to use-


It is a natural lightening cream developed by the Civant team with the aim to solve skin problems such as: hyperpigmentation, dark discolorations, freckles, old scars, birthmarks, acne marks, melasma and cloasma, age spots, sun tars, liver spots and sun spots. Moreover, it can be used in case of dark elbows, knees, underarms and knuckles.


The main active ingredients of Meladerm (Alpha Arbutin, Kojic Acid, Gigawhite and Tego Cosmo C) have been combined with natural extracts like corice, mulberry, bearberry and vitamin B3. This combination has resulted in a natural product which does not contain chemical substances nor irritating and/or harmful ingredients like parabens and hydroquinone. It is very unlikely that the product causes allergies or reactions once applied on the skin; however, for those who have a very sensitive skin, the company recommends the product application on a small, less visible area in the first few days. The brightening of the skin and the minimizing of the different damages (sun spots, dark spots, etc.) is a gradual process which does not bring side effects neither in the short nor in the long term. The effects brought by the cream are generally permanent; however, to maintain the effect one should avoid sun exposure. Based on the skin type and tone, it might be necessary to repeat the treatment from time to time in order to maintain the skin tone.


You could check here that it is highly rated by the reviews both on the Internet and on the company’s website. Most of the people who tried the product are very satisfied with it and would recommend it to friends and family. According to the reviews, people obtained visible results within two weeks and they report brighter skin, faded scars and a perfect skin tone. Given that the cream does its effects gradually, full results generally take 2 to 3 months. While many admit that they would prefer a slightly lower price, they also claim that one pump of the cream is sufficient to cover the whole face and that the container is long lasting. The 30-days money back guarantee offered by the company is a real advantage for the new customers and a guarantor itself of efficacy and safety.

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