We came across some interesting statistics recently about estate planning that are worth sharing. 根据一项 调查 通过关爱.com, younger adults (under 35) are now more likely than middle-aged adults to have an estate planning document.

Compare that to the fact that the number of 35-54 year-olds with a will has decreased 39% over the past two year. Similarly, the number of adults 55 and older with a will has fallen 27%. 


There are a number of reasons people put off estate planning. They may not want to think about aging and getting ill or dying. Some people don’t feel they have enough assets to make it worthwhile. 遗产规划也可能令人困惑. 你一定要做吗?

从技术上讲,没有. 然而,你 应该 这样做. Without a written plan in place, anyone can claim your assets. Your family could end up in court, or end up paying too much estate tax. 你为之努力的一切都可能化为乌有. 

不管你的婚姻状况如何, 财富水平, 或认为需要, you can start planning for the future in just a few simple steps. 至少, everyone 应该 make a plan for who will receive their assets and what their healthcare wishes are. 当然,这只是一个开始. Meeting with an accountant and a lawyer will help you cover any areas of need for your personal estate plan. 


  1. 把你所拥有的东西列个清单.

    1. 电子产品
    2. 艺术品,古董
    3. 车辆(包括自行车、船只等.)
    4. 珠宝
    5. 传家宝
    6. 收藏品
  2. Make a list of other assets, including any account numbers and contact information.

    1. Investment accounts: 401(k) plans, IRAs, brokerage accounts
    2. 银行账户
    3. Insurance policies: life, homeowners, auto, disability, and health insurance
  3. Consider how you want to handle healthcare decisions. 

    1. 任命一个 医疗保险代理/委托书

    2. 立遗嘱
    3. Decide who will care for your children and/or pets, if needed
  4. Decide what will happen with your business, if you have one. 

    1. 如果公司要继续经营,请指定继承人

    2. Create a plan for selling or shutting down your business if it won’t continue
    3. Know your state laws regarding the division of business assets
    4. Make a list of any business loans or debts to be paid


An accountant can help you manage your assets now, as well as help you plan for the future. A good accountant will be up to date on the ever-changing 房地产税收法律 并为你的计划提供更新建议. 

对于小企业主, an accountant can also help you determine what your best options are for handing the reins of your business over to a family member, 合作伙伴, 或其他个人或实体. 不要碰运气! If you’re getting started with the estate planning process and have questions, please uedbet官网提款规定. 我们乐意回答你们可能提出的任何问题.