Essential Oils to Remove Moles On Skin

Essential oils have for many years been used for health and medicinal purposes. The oils, which have been around for thousands of years have been used across various cultures in different ways as natural medicinal treatments, household cleaning products, aromatherapy, and in personal beauty care, such as in the removal of moles on the skin surface. The particles that are found in these oils come from the extraction of different plant parts, e.g., peels, flowers, resin, and bark. 

Why and When Do Mole Development Begin?

There are moles that are present right from the time that a person is born. But a majority tend to appear in the first thirty years of life. Often, you will find that light-skinned people will have more moles as compared to those with darker complexions.

The decision on whether you will get moles or not will normally be influenced by the history of your family. This means that if your family has moles, or have a history of developing certain types of moles, there is a very high likelihood that you will also develop them. Another critical factor that influences their development is the location where you have been raised. 

For instance, a person who has been exposed to sunrays during their early years has a high likelihood of developing small moles. Such moles typically disappear without any intervention on your part. Another reason that may explain the appearance of these moles may be related to your hormones. The following are periods in your life when moles are most likely to start developing:

•During pregnancy—such moles will be dark
•Teenage years—your moles are likely going to be very big
•Old age—there is a chance that you may start developing moles after attaining 50 years

How to Use Essential Oil to Remove Moles on Skin

If looking for a natural method to remove moles, then essential oils will be your best option. The following is how to use essential oils as a beauty regiment, that will also do away with any, and all moles that you may have.

•Reducing cellulite —
Combine 2 teaspoons of coconut oil with 5 drops of grapefruit seed oil and apply in affected regions.
•Acne face wash— When it comes to acne removal, you need to prepare a homemade face wash by combining raw honey with tea tree oil. This should then be applied to your face.
•Sugar scrub— Combine a few drops of your preferred essential oil with rock salt and almond oil. Use the scrub on affected body parts.
•Itchy scalp/face— Add cedarwood and lavender to a basil essential oil and apply on the itchy parts.
•Reduce wrinkles— Take five drops of frankincense, lavender, sandalwood, and geranium essential oils. Combine all these with a lotion that is not scented before you can apply it to the face.

•Reduce stretch marks—Mix four drops of myrrh, grapefruit seeds, and frankincense essential oils with coconut oil. This concoction should then be applied directly to your stretch marks. 

Quality of Your Essential Oils

One important factor to remember at all times is that all essential oils are not created equally. Actually, you will find that a majority of them are synthetic, and thus tend to be worthless where your health is concerned. As such, before you can purchase an essential oil, confirm that it has been certified as being USDA organic, and should also be indigenously sourced. 

Katie Watts

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